Sponsor profile – Accsys Technologies plc

Thank you Accsys Techologies plc for your sponsorship of Wizardry in Wood


Now 10 years since the introduction of Accoya® which is sold in 58 countries around the world, Accoya has become a well-established high performance product in the joinery market. From traditional applications such as windows, doors, cladding and decking Accoya is the ideal material for many other interesting applications.

British company Accsys Technologies, which manufactures Accoya, use a natural process called ‘acetylation’ to turn fast-growing, sustainably-managed softwoods like pinus radiata (pine) into wood with the properties of slow-growing, tropical hardwoods without the accompanying deforestation.

The proprietary revolutionary acetylation process essentially pickles the wood in vinegar (acetic anhydride). Water-loving hydroxyl compounds are taken out and replaced with naturally occurring acetyl groups; this makes the timber more stable than conventional timber and long lasting.

Sustainably sourced and more durable than teak, Accoya is the most stable timber in the world, with guarantees of 50 years above ground and 25 years in ground contact.