Reg Hawthorne

Reg Hawthorne is based in the Cotswolds where he uses local timbers and exotic woods to turn a variety of objects, including boxes, Fabergé-style eggs, vases and bowls. Over the years, Reg’s work has become more ornamental in style and he loves to experiment with effects such as simulated enamelling. “Like most people, at the beginning I turned almost anything but found that I was constantly looking for different challenges. I could never just produce bowls or hollow forms etc., which meant I never became an acknowledged expert in any one sphere, but I was happy with my eclectic range of interests.”

Inspiration can come from many sources, but in Reg’s case an interest in antiques has resulted in some pieces reflecting Art Deco or Art Nouveau styles, such as his cantilever bowl and a burr bowl supported by a pink ivory lady.  Another example is his range of ‘Mughal’ helmet boxes, which were inspired by an Indian silver spice box looted by an army officer at the siege of Delhi. “When looking for inspiration in this way it is obviously not essential to try to make an exact copy but with a little lateral thinking it is easy to find a turning solution,” Reg explains. He also looks at antique treen items and adapts them: “I went through a period of inlaying pieces of wood – the lignum vitae (Guaiacum officinale) Wassail bowl with spice pot is an example of this, with the grape vine created by inlaying small rivet shapes of purpleheart (Peltogyne porphyrocardia) and blackwood (Dalbergia spp.) to create the bunches of grapes. A bunch hangs inside the lid and the complete bowl has about 500 turned pieces. The goblet is in the same style made from a lignum vitae bowling bowl and a blackwood cone rejected by the music industry.”

Reg is a member of The Association of Woodturners of Great Britain (AWGB), and a Liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Turners. “Woodturning has been great, I’ve met countless numbers of very nice turners including many from overseas as a result of the seminar. The AWGB and the Worshipful Company of Turners have focussed my attention on the world of turning rather than turning itself and it has been a pleasure to be involved.”

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His work has won awards at:

The Worshipful Company of Turners

The Midlands Woodworking show

The International Woodturning Show ( Alexandra Palace and Wembley)

The Society of Ornamental Turners

The Guild of Irish Woodturners

Most of the pieces are turned from wood acquired locally. Exotics where used are from approved sources.

Reg Hawthorne