Les Thorne

At 48 years old Les Thorne has spent the whole of his life involved in the timber industry, first as a saw doctor then as a company director and now as a woodturner. Les has developed “No Turning Back” into a successful hand turning business taking commissions both large and small both in size and production runs. Over the last 18 years Les has put a lot of time in developing his presentation and teaching and is sought after for his demonstration skills in the UK, America and Europe. A tool developer, magazine article contributor and DVD maker means that he is always kept busy both in the workshop and out on the road.

Les thinks having never been a hobby woodturner, has given him a pretty unique woodturning journey. In 2007 Les was lucky enough to be awarded a bursary from the Worshipful Company of Tuners.  This gave him the ability to start experimenting both with colour and texture. Les has spent time learning from the best wood artists there are, such as Nick Agar and Stuart Mortimer. He likes to think that he has taken a little from each of them.

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‘What inspires me are the architectural shapes that come into my work daily, that combined with a surface decoration can lead to some interesting effects.’ Les Thorne 2016