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Nick Agar

Nick Agar is well known worldwide for his work, and has taught and demonstrated in Australia, South Africa, Canada, New Zealand, the united States and across Europe. His multi-textured turned wood sculptures have earned him a reputation for producing highly individual and beautifully crafted art.

Sally Burnett Sycamore 210x165mmSally Burnett

“I am a designer-maker in wood, glass and ceramic. More recently though I have become fascinated with wood, particularly creating work from freshly felled trees, timber known as green wood. A living material that moves and twists as you work it. The shapes and textures that can be created are endless”. Sally Burnett

Richard Chapman VASESRichard Chapman

Sometimes Richard Chapman will turn the wood ‘green’ so that it warps slightly as it dries, becoming even more tactile in its asymmetry; sometimes the shapes are traditional and at others a more modern inspiration. The joy is diversity and Richard has proved himself to be more than just a craftsman: he is a true artist.


Angus Clyne Yew Vase 80cm x 60cm

Angus Clyne

Angus Clyne is a professional woodturner and landscape photographer living and working in rural Perthshire. He produces turned wooden bowls, vessels and sculptures using local sustainable woods. His work is included in several public permanent collections including the Shipley Art Gallery and the Scottish Parliament.

Andy CoatesAndy Coates IMAG7349

Andy Coates works from a workshop and gallery, called Cobwebcrafts, beside the river Waveney in Beccles, Suffolk, where he produces predominantly decorative objects for the home.


Paul CokerPaul Coker P_MG_7517

Paul Coker is one of only a select few full-time professional Ornamental and Rose Engine Turners. Much of his work is physically quite small but can be very elaborate and intricate sometimes taking  months to complete, for example the chess sets he is noted for.

Melvyn FirmagerMelvyn Firmager mels-bowl-jpg

“Artist Woodturner, Teacher and Demonstrator – creator of ‘Sea Flower’ internationally recognised multiple rim vessels. I have taught students from over thirty countries and travelled the UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, France & Luxembourg demonstrating my techniques” says Melvyn Firmager.

Dennis Hales Sycamore fruits holly stems & bowl

Dennis Hales

Dennis Hales works with locally grown sycamore, holly, ash and maple. Turned, carved, textured surfaces finished with water soluble dyes pigmenst and metal leaf used to enhance the natural features of the wood whilst achieving a sympathetic balance of form and finish.

Mick HanburyMick Hanbury 2

Mick Hanbury is a skilful and artistic woodturner who has been turning for over 20 years. Over the years Mick has developed a unique style of decorative finishes to his pieces and is well known for his beautiful finial boxes, elegant spiral stem goblets, and delicately patterned platters.

Mark HancockMark Hancock Single Swirl high res

“My work is more an exploration of line and form than an effort at an artistic statement and it continues to amaze me how each minute refinement of a curve can alter the character of a piece. I strive to achieve a perfect form – or at least something a little closer to it than anything I’ve done before. There is always further to go” says Mark Hancock.

Reg Hawthorne IMG_0422Reg Hawthorne

Reg Hawthorne is an award winning woodturner working in the Cotswolds.  Most of his work is turned from locally acquired wood, or from approved sources. Reg is most noted for his ornamental boxes, and ornamental Faberge style eggs.

Louise Hibbert orange-and-black-salt-and-pepper-mills, sycamore, brassLouise Hibbert

“All of my work begins with extensive visual research, sketching and a technical scaled drawing.  I find that using the lathe gives my work rhythm and balance, almost like a structural backbone within each piece.  I then begin carving, texturing, applying airbrushed inks, resins or metals to create the intricate details” says Louise Hibbert.

Simon Hope Onion form with pewter stem and cocobola hidden box

Simon Hope

Simon Hope is a professional woodturner specialising in Scottish small pipes and artistic turning often with added silver and pewter detailing.


Kevin Hutson 6Kevin Hutson

“Having turned conventional shapes for a period of time I found the need to advance towards more aesthetic shapes. I now blend subtle tones of colour to emphasis the variety of grain found in wood. Each piece is finished by a process of a mixture of natural oils such as Danish Oil and Liquid Paraffin over a period of three days” says Kevin Hutson.

Phil IronsPhil Irons IMG_6320

Each piece that Phil Irons creates is unique in form and colour, with the source materials personally selected from tree surgeons and firewood merchants. The artworks are created from choice cuts of trees, turned and finished in a way to maximise the natural beauty of the grain and textures from within the wood.

Richard KennedyRichard Kennedy fb28cf9c244c

Working with nature rather than against it flowing line, form, and proportion are paramount to his design. Richard Kennedy has sold pieces all over the world but has settled in Argyll to work influenced by its dramatic scenery and raw beauty.

Ray KeyRay Key Black Rimmed Vessel Selection - Ray Key

“My work embraces minimalism; my quest is to produce objects of beauty and elegant simplicity. I am a great believer of the object as a whole; not a disjointed assemblage of different ones” says Ray Key.

Stuart KingStuart King-Inlaid lidded boxes

“My work has straddled the down-to-earth traditional, from chair bodging and bowls to the artistic original, I have studied, I have filmed, and lectured world wide with demonstrations from Beverly Hills to the Clyde” says Stuart King.


Eleanor LakelinEleanor Lakelin Hollow Form, Time & Texture, Ash, Sandblasted & Carved, Exhibited at London Craft Week, 27cm x 27cm x 23cm, 2014. Photograph by Stephen Brayne

The provenance of materials is of particular importance to Eleanor Lakelin and she likes to share the story behind each piece of work. In order to create ethical and sustainable work, she has made it her challenge to only use wood from trees felled in South London or elsewhere in the British Isles.


Carlyn Lindsay RB-small-01Carlyn Lindsay

“The big buzz as I am turning the piece of work on my lathe, is to see it emerge from a gluey lump of wood, to spring to life, the coloured lines so clean and bright appearing to crossover and weave in and out of each other” says Carlyn Lindsay.


Stuart Mortimer DSC_0170Stuart Mortimer

Stuart Mortimer’s work often features some form of spiral work, an example is his popular twisted goblet first produced in 1969 and his twisted hollow form with a twisted finial, his work is collected throughout the world by private collectors and museums alike.  In 2014, Stuart received the Master in Turning Award from the Worshipful Company of Turners.

Gary RanceGary Rance 0071-300x190

Gary Rance has around 400 customers, some of these are supplying stores including Harrods and Liberty’s. He has also produced work for the homes of the Duke of Westminster and British celebrities.


Joey RichardsonMethuselah Joey Richardson 2015 27x21cm sycamore from HM The Queens estate Sandringham, acrylic colours

Joey Richardson, an internationally acclaimed turner and sculptor, is renowned for her delicate and richly hued wood forms. She works predominantly in the medium of wood, but often incorporates cast glass, metal and photography into her creations.


Mark Sanger BalanceMark Sanger

“My work is free flowing of simple form, I believe that it should evolve from the here and now from the initial idea to completion. I may have an idea about what I am going to create, beyond this my mind is kept open and receptive to changes that evolve along the way, on occasions it may take a different path than intended” says Mark Sanger.


Les ThorneLes Thorne IMG_2968

Les Thorne has developed “No Turning Back” into a successful hand turning business taking commissions both large and small both in size and production runs.

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