Daniel Collection

Shirley Sinclair and Jonathon Cuff have created one of the UK’s largest private collections of modern woodturning.

Forty eight works will form a curated display of the skill, range and creativity of contemporary UK and international craftsmen.

These include: Nick Arnull (UK), Benoit Averly (France), Eli Avisera (Israel), Marilyn Campbell (Canada), Bob Chapman (UK), Michael Hosaluk (Canada), John Jordan (USA), Alain Mailland (France), Pascal Oudet (France), Binh Pho (USA), Betty Scarpino (USA), Hayley Smith (USA), Jacques Vesery (USA), Hans Weissflog (Germany), John Wessels (South Africa),  Don White (UK), Mollie Winton (USA) and Rosemary Wright (UK).

A selection of these works is shown below. All images of works in the Daniel Collection on this website and other Wizardry in Wood digital and print media are © Daniel Collection.


Nick Arnull  |  Benoit Averly  |  Eli Avisera  |  Roger Bennet  | Richard Bicheno  | Jerome Blanc  | Tony Boase  | Jason Breech  | Christian Burchard  | Marilyn Campbell   |  Seamus Cassidy  |  Bob Chapman  |  Luc DuRoo  | Richard Fogan  | Mark Gardener  | Michael & Cynthia Gibson  |  Dennis & Pat Gleadell  |  Reg Hawthorne  |  Gerard Hennessy  | Petter Herud  | Simon Hope  |  Michael Hosaluk  | John Jordan  | Art Liestman  |  Alain Mailland  |  Yann Marot  |  Rudiger Marquarding  |  Bert Marsh  |  Gregg Miller  |  Christophe Nancey  |  Pablo Nemzoff  |  Pascal Oudet  |  Ray Pattterson  |   Binh Pho  |   Yasurhire Satake  |  Betty Scarpino  |  Mike Scott  |  Terry Scott  |  Hayley Smith  | Butch Smuts  |  Curt Theobald  |   Jacques Vesery  |  Hans Weissflog  |  John Wessels  |  Don White  |  Mollie Winton  |  Rosemary Wright